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We provide high quality products and materials for oil, gas and chemical industry as a large manufacturer and seller for large companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

Manifold valves

These manifolds are having one Isolation valve of ½” connection & one drain valve of ¼” or ½” connection. The outlet of drain valve can be used for calibration. Compact unit saves space, reduces number of joints resulting in cost reduction. These manifolds are used with Pressure gauges, switches or transmitters. Different models are available as shown below.

Material 316 SS / 316L SS / 304 SS / Carbon Steel
Gland Packing PTFE / Graphite
Standard process connection ½" NPT F
Standard instruments connection ½" NPT F
Drain : ¼" NPT F (Supplied with ¼" NPT blind plug)
Weight 1.00 kg
Range Wedge Gate Valve