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We provide high quality products and materials for oil, gas and chemical industry as a large manufacturer and seller for large companies in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

Instrumentation ball valves

Flow-Tek’s Instrumentation Series ball valves offer rugged reliability for high pressure and instrumentation applications. The valves feature three piece bodies designed for flexibility of installation and ease of maintenance. Both models HP and HX are constructed as standard with 316 stainless steel bodies manufactured to NACE specifications. Other body materials are available such as Duplex SS, Hastelloy®, Monel and Titanium. All bodies are marked with a heat code for full material traceability.

A floating ball design provides a positive, bubble-tight shutoff with smooth quarter turn operation at low operating torque. Additional Instrumentation Series advantages include a choice of lever or pointer handles, travel limit stop pins and replaceable seats and seals. Locking kits which secure the valve in a desired position are also available.

Safety features include an internally loaded blowout proof stem and end connections that are pinned to prevent inadvertent loosening or disassembly.

Temperature Range HP: -25°F to 325°F (-3°C to 260°C)
Steam Rating 150 psi WSP (11 Bar)
Seat Materials PVDF, PEEK
Applications General Service, Air, Water, Oil & Gas
Range Wedge Gate Valve