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Our Mission

We provide high-quality services and materials for the oil, gas and chemical industry as a large manufacturer and distributor for large companies in Saudi Arabia

To be a leading player in the oil, gas and chemical industries both at home and abroad while supported by documented track record, true entrepreneurial spirit, high quality services and potential health growth
At Conwaksl we develop innovative and high quality products for various applications. Besides our oil and gas services, we have many materials serving the oil and gas industry. As an agent and partner of Shalimarvalves, we have more than 50 kinds of valves, thus gaining a reputation for technical excellence in the valve industry.
With a solid base in supply, service, design and development, the core competency of the company is in its advanced products that meet a variety of industries such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, power, mortar, alumina, paper, water, nuclear industry


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